Obamacare Government Health Insurance Information Delivered By A Midwife | Video

Obamacare the bottom line on what you need to know as an employee and employer about Obamacare health insurance marketplace and the affordable health insurance act. Learn why delivering Obamacare is important to this midwife as she delivers information about the healthcare marketplace, health care reform that affects large and small business health insurance.

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 On this day October 17th exactly 52 years ago, my mother delivered me into the world. 52 years later I am still as out spoken as I was when I was a wee little lass growing up in Ireland. I’m now a US citizen and I’m here to deliver to you the bottom line on the OBAMACARE Health Care Reform Act - how its going to affect YOU as a patient and how it is going to affect YOUR health care provider.

Oh hold on a second My name is Hannah Bajor. I am a certified nurse midwife with 30 years experience. I've delivered over 2,000 babies and cared for more than 10,000 women in this condition. I’m author of multiple books and programs. I’ve been a keynote speaker at global health conferences. My company Lumalove is recasting what parents-to-be know about trying to conceive and delivering babies. Here is my credential manual. But my experience with the U.S. healthcare system, my 10 years struggle to get pregnant, my 16-week miscarriage, my preterm labor experience , and the fact that I almost died in childbirth are far more impressive credentials.

 You see when things goes wrong we all expect immediate access to experienced physicians and surgeons. But the delivery of OBAMACARE is going to change everything.... I’m not into politics. But OBAMACARE is not going to deliver the best to America. These two videos on OBAMACARE will give you few laughs, maybe generate some rude comments. BUT it will educate you as to the future of health care if OBAMACARE is not changed.

Everything I am about to say on OBAMACARE is fact, not speculation. I’ve read the entire 1990 page OBAMACARE policy, which I am carrying around with me to deliver to you the bottom line scoop on "OBAMACARE" .... OBAMACARE will force all of us to opt into a government run “one plan for all” health care insurance system that will restrict – which providers we choose - what tests we can have done - what specialists we can see - what medications we can take - what medical supplies we can have - and it restricts us by law by preventing us from been able to write in a living will that if we are riddles with cancer or dying a horrific death we can no longer say don't feed me and let me die in peace.

 Physicians surveyed in 2010 on OBAMACARE stated 40% of them will close their practices and retire from patient care. President Obama knows this. These pages clearly state that there will be an incentive for hospitals to man themselves with more residents and encourage the expansion of Advance Practiced Nurse Managed Health Care Centers. What this means to you is that access to experienced physicians and surgeons will be limited. If you need a procedure such as an ultrasounds, mammography, x rays or heart surgery, you’ll be on a waiting list and it may be weeks or months before you’ll be called for the procedure. If the surgery is urgent it will probably be done by an inexperienced resident, enough to put any woman in labor.

 Now on the bright side of OBAMACARE no one will be refused healthcare insurance or be charged a higher premium if you’re old, smoke or have a chronic disease. If your employer offers dependent children coverage, you can now keep your kids on your insurance policy until they are 26 years old, no matter where, what they do or their marital status. All insurance policies will have to offer essential services such as hospitalization, professional services, medical supplies, medication, rehabilitative, preventive services, maternity and child care.

 Children under the age of 21 will have dental, vision and hearing services. But you'll have to pay for them... As of January 2014 there will be two types of insurance plans offered to all Americans. You'll have the private plan offered by your employer AND you'll have the State Health Insurance Exchange plan.

 Both options must offer 3 levels of coverage.

 The basic- the enhanced - and the premium plan. Each plan offer a certain level of coverage. Your copayment will now be 30%, 15% or 5% depending on the plan. The better the policy the more you pay. Medicaid clients get the basic plan but after 3 years they can pay a monthly premium for the enhanced plan. If your employer is mandated to offer insurance they only have to offer you the basic plan.

 If your American and you don't get health insurance you'll be fined $695 or 2.5% of your income, whichever is greater. By 2016 this penalty will be $2,085 per person per year. The estimated 30 million newly insured Americans will put a huge strain on doctors' offices, clinics, hospitals and diagnostic centers.

 Providers will have to follow national guidelines, be penalized if we don't. More patients means more tests, which means more results to read and we as providers will be paid a low ball capitated fee for service which is estimated to be less than what Medicaid is currently paying.

 Drug research will be affected as we as providers will be forced to prescribe generic drugs. Employer flexible spending accounts are cut from $5,000 to $2,500 and we can no longer apply over the counter prescriptions or medical supplies towards them. But we do get a small break on our yearly tax deductions on medical expense. It increases from 7.5% to 10%. BUT we will now be charged an new 2.9% excise tax on all medical supplies.

If you’re single and earn more than $200,000 a year or $250,000 as a couple, you will pay an extra 0.9% Medicare tax on every paycheck you earn. The stress of the whole lot is bringing on these contractions.

 OK so what about women's healthcare? The good news is that every insurance policy will cover this state of pregnancy. But we will see a further increase in cesarean section births because your provider will be paid the same amount for a c/section as for a vaginal delivery. It's going to be easier for them to do a c/section, because a c/section takes 20 minutes and no one wants to wait around for 12-24 hours when your in labor to deliver your baby and they are not been paid for the number of hours spent with you in labor. Forget about having your epidurals for pain relief in labor because anesthesiologists can no longer charge exorbitant rates.

 The government will decide what will be the national standard fee for service rendered. Anesthesiologist will not like it and they will have a bigger attitude than they have right now. Every policy, except for religious organizations, will have contraception coverage without a copayment. But listen to this religious organizations will still cover Viagra for men!

 Abortion will no longer be covered by Medicaid. Post mastectomy prosthesis and supplies will be covered, nothing about reconstructive surgery. Women under the age of 50 cannot have a mammography unless it is medically justified. No more copayment for essential preventative health services such as mammography's, pap smears, cholesterol screening and colonoscopies.

 The screening age for pap smears will be 21 to 65. They can only be done every 3 years or every 5 years if you want HPV testing. HPV testing cannot be ordered on anyone younger than 30 or on its own. None of these 1990 pages mention infertility screening or management, but mention almost everything else you could think of.

 BUT NOTHING ABOUT INFERTILITY, which affects 7.3 million women annually... By 20-20, all GENERIC drugs for seniors will be covered but overall their benefits will shrink. Legal immigrants can’t get Medicaid for the first 5 years in the country, but may get some financial assistant to buy into the exchange. Illegal aliens are banned from buying healthcare insurance, but can’t be refused hospital ER treatment. Uncompensated care allotment will be increased. And if you fall within certain income ranges from the federal poverty line, you will get assistance. So the biggest winners with OBAMACARE are the poor and the uninsured.

 So before I birth this one, let me tell you that tomorrow I will be coming out with more information about how OBAMACARE will affect your employer. Stay tuned for that. As a concerned citizen you have to act now. Time is running out. Please help me deliver my message to all of America today. Prove the power of social media, leave your comments and send this video link to everyone you know. Collectively we can deliver the bottom line on what OBAMACARE means to you, your healthcare and to all of America. Our country is broke, Oh and so and so has my water and there is not one person around to help me.

 Oh gee wiz! I've been in labor all night. Time is running, but I have to deliver the rest of OBAMACARE to you right now so you understand how OBAMACARE will affect your employer and how its going to affect you as an employee. If your employer has fewer than 25 employees they will be offered a 35% tax credit if they offer health insurance through the government exchange.

 Companies with more than 50 employees will be required to provide basic health insurance coverage or pay the government a penalty fee of $2,000 per worker per year not insured. The first 30 uninsured employees don't count. If your company offers insurance to you, you have to take it or buy from the exchange. Either way, both you and the employer must make insurance payments on time... But here's the bun in the oven!

Large companies may decide to drop healthcare coverage and instead choose to pay the government’s annual $2,000 fine per employee. So let's say your employer has 1,000 employees and currently they are paying a minimum of $6,000 per year per insurance plan. 6000 x 1000 employees = 6 million dollars a year your employer is paying for healthcare. Why pay this when they can get away with paying 2 million instead in fines to the government and save themselves 4 million dollars per year?

 This OBAMACARE is been delivered unless you take action to make sure it gets changed.... So if you don't know who I am and haven't seen the first part of this OBAMACARE delivery video then click on the button below and witness it because it's one delivery that could save your life... Get the doctor in here quick, I am about to deliver, if you can't find him get the orderly, get anyone that's out there that will listen, this hospital sucks, the staff are too busy. It's a good job I am a midwife because delivering the facts on this 1990 page OBAMACARE Health Care Reform Act has been MY toughest delivery in 30 years.


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Hannah Bajor The trying to conceive, Fertility, Infertility, Pregnancy, Miscarriage And Energy Healing Expert Hannah Bajor author, midwife of 30 years, founder and CEO of Lumalove® is recasting what parents-to-be know about trying to conceive, pregnancy, infertility and miscarriage. Hannah bridges traditional reproductive health and energy medicine to help couples access new and dynamic pre conception and prenatal education. Understanding the energy dynamics of trying to conceive, pregnancy and birth puts couples on a faster track toward a healthier pregnancy. It ultimately also gives their unborn child longstanding benefits that serve him or her well beyond pregnancy. You can read more about Hannah HERE


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