Powerful Authentic Professional Remote Energy Healing

Are you looking for a powerful authentic professional remote energy healing that delivers real positive change to your life's problems? 


Remote Energy Healing

  If you are wanting a remote energy healing, distant healing or insights as to why your life is out of balance or why your dreams are not manifesting then I can help you.  If you are struggling making a major decision then I can bring clarity to your issues.

Pregnancy Remote Healing

 If you are wanting to know why you are not getting pregnant, why you are having pregnancy complications, why you may have miscarried, or why you are having postpartum depression then I can help you with my remote energy healing sessions.

Body SOUL Remote Healing

 I have the ability to re-weave fragmented parts of your body and soul allowing you to gain insights into why you have attracted particular medical, emotional or relationship issues. I have been trained how to access and clear your souls karma via remote energy healing.

Why Charge? Why Not Help People for Free?

Some people judge "well if you are a great healer why not help people for FREE when they cannot afford to pay for a session or want a reduced discounted, shortened session?"

  Long distant energy healingMy answer to this is that I have done enough freebies in my lifetime. My time is valuable. I have so many projects I am involved in that everything has to be scheduled. My energy is sacred. I do not function like normal human beings. Many times I am just taken out and have to lay down as I am working on areas in the world that are in darkness or have catastrophic events happening. I never know from one day to the next what I will be called to do. No one would consider going to a hairdresser, a doctor, a dentist, a pharmacist, an infertility specialist and expect to be seen for FREE.

So why do people think energy medicine practitioners are any different? Holistic energy medicine practitioners have the ability to get to the core route of your problems. I bridge both worlds, as many times your medical condition needs to be managed temporarily or long term, combining holistic and traditional therapies so you can cure or live a productive life as you age.

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