Getting Pregnant Baby Contract Awakening Meditation

Getting Pregnant Meditation

Pre-conception communication is an important step in the how to plan a pregnancy topics.


 In this CD, Hannah Bajor, a midwife of over 30 years, will walk you through a step by step getting pregnant meditation. She helps you locate the spiritual energy of your baby-to-be and helps you integrate the specific energy you need to help you to get pregnant quicker. 


 This pre conception meditation helps you vibrate closer to the energy of the spirit of your baby-to-be. This getting pregnant pre-conception baby contract activation CD awakens or activates YOUR pre negotiated baby contract with your baby’s spirit which is WAITING FOR YOU.


 If you are struggling to get pregnant there is important information every women must know about baby contract activations. Getting Pregnant is not always an 1-2-3 process. Trying to conceive can be easy for some and difficult for others. Sometimes it may take many months or years to happen.

getting pregnantIncreasing your chances of turning your pregnant test positive may take more than having sex at the right time. An important step you can take to help yourself when you are trying to get pregnant is making a pre-conception conscious connection with the amazing spirit of your baby-to-be. The whole baby making process starts with an amazing spirit deciding to come to this world and finding parents who will serve the spirit to his or her fullest potential. Having the ability to control your life force energy before pregnancy can allow you to get pregnant faster and keep your baby! It is essential as you learn how to plan a pregnancy.

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