Early Pregnancy Meditation For Your Unborn Child

Communicate With Your Unborn Child

Helping you and your baby have a more fulfilled pregnancy experience.

Early pregnancy meditation

 The secret to having a more fulfilled pregnancy and birth is to deepen your inner connection with your growing baby and the easiest way to do this is to learn pregnancy meditation.

Have a healthier more successful pregnancy outcome by learning how to enhance your bond with your baby EVEN as he or she grows inside of you. Why Do You NEED This, You Ask? Well, pregnancy can be very stressful for your little one as he or she tries to adjust to your daily stress pattern during pregnancy. Believe it or not, but many times our personal pregnancy stress can create many emotional issues for our kids later on in life. This early pregnancy meditation CD walks you through experiencing two twenty minute pregnancy meditation that help you to connect at a very deep level with your unborn child allowing you to bond and welcome your baby into your life and family.

The connection you create with your unborn child through pregnancy meditation is a life long gift of deeper bonding which last a lifetime. Your baby will feel more secure and nurtured and you will feel an increase in the depth of love you feel for your child. The more in tuned you are with your body as you anchor a pregnancy you can alleviate many of your early pregnancy symptoms, making the whole pregnancy experience easier for you and your little one!

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