Balancing the Crown Chakra Meditation

7th Chakra | Seventh Chakra | Crown Chakra Healing Meditation mp3

Balancing the crown chakra also known as your 7th Chakra or the Crown Chakra is important as it governs your bones, nerves and lymph nodes, your inspiration, courage, strength and faith in life's bigger picture!




 Balancing your crown chakra, 7th chakra, seventh chakra whatever way you wish to say it is important as it helps you connect with higher aspects of yourself to have a more purposeful life. This 7th Chakra | Seventh Chakra | Crown Chakra Healing Meditation brings you on a journey into the vastness of your existence with the assistance of a unicorn to help you bridge your human experience with the vastness of the oneness of what you are. By doing so your energy is amplified your magnetic field resonance becomes stronger and more powerful. Balancing your crown chakra allows you to experience who you were when you first came into this world and it helps you understand why you are here and what you have to do.

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