2nd Chakra Sacral Chakra Meditation

Sacral Chakra Healing Meditation

The 2nd Chakra is also known as the "Sacral Chakra" and governs the state of your reproductive organs, your relationships and your bones.




 How many times have you said to yourself I am sick of feeling tired, I wish my relationship was better, I wish I had more money, then it is time to tune up your 2nd sacral chakra.

Balancing your 2nd chakra and balancing the 4 elements within allows you to be happier and more contented in life. Strengthening and improving your chakra and aura colors something we all need to be conscious of on a daily basis. As our society elevates its consciousness guess what we are all becoming much more sensitive to the aura and energy of those around us. The second chakra is critical to have working properly especially if you want to get pregnant, have a good pregnancy outcome and prevent a miscarriage. 

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