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Great read for anyone trying to get pregnant, pregnant or getting over a miscarriage. I believe there is a far bigger picture to life than what we see. I believe some higher power has orchestrated a series of events that has taken you to my website today.

 If you are looking for FREE pregnancy stuff then this is a great read. It is different than most free pregnancy stuff as this eBook will open your mind to a higher conscious regarding pregnancy, trying to conceive or miscarriage recovery. All you have to do is sign up for it and decide to read it.

Meeting death several times

 I have met death in the face several times in my life and have lived to tell my story. The last time death came knocking on my door was when I delivered my second son Bryan. 

Meeting death after childbirth

 After my second delivery I had a massive postpartum hemorrhage and this near death encounter allowed me to meet angelic beings that gave me a go or stay death option.

Meeting women globally

 In choosing to stay I was informed that one day people throughout the world will know about me and what I will do for humanity. Nothing happens by chance.

Lumalove changing the lives of women all over the globe.

My triumph over curing my infertility to experience life's ultimate fulfilled moment of turning that pregnancy test positive and delivering my own babies has been the driving force for the birthing of my company brand Lumalove® which is the first-of-a-kind reproductive nutrition and health education resource that provides hard-to-find professional insight on how to prepare the human body nutritionally and energetically for the whole pregnancy experience. By educating couples about the missing nutrition and energy dynamic component in traditional treatments, Lumalove LLC bridges the gap between holistic and traditional pregnancy treatments.

All Lumalove® products are created by myself and delivered in down-to-earth “patient-language”, avoiding “doctor-speak” and allowing my company to position itself to recast what parents-to-be need to know about the birthing process in order to produce happier, healthier babies. Lumalove® will one day be the #1 resource couples from around the world turn to for help in increasing their success rates with traditional treatments and for reproductive health education.


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