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Lumalove® picks up where you Doctor leaves OFF!

In Most Cases It Is Possible To Cure Infertility Despite How Long You haveI midwife Hannah Bajor,C.N.M.,M.S.N. through my company Lumalove® LLC deliver many of the most popular and complete reproductive health products, programs and services you will find on the internet. I show couples all over the world how to get pregnant, preserve fertility, naturally increase fertility, defeat infertility, prevent miscarriages and achieve a healthy pregnancy outcome for you and your little one.

Why I Midwife Hannah Bajor has a website?

Childbirth Death Option

Following the birth of my second son Bryan I had a very serious  postpartum hemorrhage from which I lost over 50% of my blood volume. During this incident I met tall angelic beings that gave me a death option exit. I was shown what life would be like for my two sons if I chose to die. I saw my kids would be fine as my husband is a great father.

He would care for them very well, but the one thing he could not give them was a mother's love. This concept of "a mothers love" I had not fully understood the power and the importance it can play in the life of a child.

Choosing To Die OR Live

They showed me my funeral and how everyone would grieve, and the bad publicity that home births would garner especially since I was a midwife. These angelic beings told me that if I chose to stay in this life, my life would change and that one day I would be known throughout the world for my work. When one has such an experience, it haunts his or her soul until this person takes action and figures out what it is that he or she is here to share or do. Learn more about my professional credentials.

In Most Cases It Is Possable To Cure Infertility Despite How Long You have I originally set up my company Lumalove® LLC in 2004, and as time passed I realized that my mission in the world was enormous and to achieve my purpose in life I needed outside help and to learn how to become a businesswoman. Part of this learning curve involved hiring a professional branding specialist, someone who would help me create a brand name like Pepsi, Coke, Pampers, etc. About $9,400 later, the brand "Lumalove®" was created and registered.

Lumalove Helping women all over the world get pregnant and have healthy babies

What Does Lumalove® Mean?

In Most Cases It Is Possable To Cure Infertility Despite How Long You have We are hoping that your first reaction to the word Lumalove® is "what does it mean?" If so, then we are on the right path. Hidden within the word Lumalove® is the word "Uma", the goddess of fertility, to empower and support women in mastering their fertility cycles. When the "Goddess Uma" is called upon, she watches over and promotes fertility, pregnancy and birth, and amazing things happen.

Meditating on the word "Luma"

With closed eyes as you breathe in, and meditating on the word "Love" as you exhale create peace, calm and the synergy needed to encourage the safe transition of the spirit of your unborn child from the world of spirit through conception and birth.

The side view Lumalove® logo, not by conscious design, is the shape of a pregnant woman nurturing and protecting her little one within. The 3 dots within the name add synergy to the visual logo representing the:

  • body, mind, spirit
  • the father, mother, child
  • the 3 trimesters or stages of pregnancy

Lumalove's Stepping Stones!        Hannah Bajor CEO Lumalove

To date over 100,000 people signed into my websites. I've had over 10,000 people a month watching my YouTube videos, many of them have been removed because I am revamping and rebranding my video and my message. I’ve launched a non-profit called Lumalove® Reproductive Health LLC. Through it, I seek to educate young women and men on how to preserve their fertility so that they will be well-prepared for when they want to have a family.  Lumalove’s referral or affiliate program is another avenue through which I seek to build a presence among and strong connection with other women and men working with individuals who are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant.

People Like You Push Me To Do What I Am Here To Do!

 "Hi Hannah Bridget here from Northern Ireland. I know you will remember me as I called you a few times regarding my desperation to have a baby. I was 42 years old when I hear about you from a friend that lived in the south of Ireland. At that time I had been trying for 8 years to get pregnant and because of my age you were reluctant to sell me your vitamin program to help me get pregnant. I was very surprised and even upset with you for not been willing to just sell it to me. You were very up front and honest with me that at my age of 42 I had a big chance of having an abnormal baby and you said every month I try on my own I would be running out of eggs. You strongly encouraged me to see an infertility specialist which I was not prepared to do because of my Catholic upbringing.
Finally you agreed to sell me your program knowing full well that it might result in a pregnancy and that you were OK if there was to be a problem with my baby not because of the formula but because of my age. I am now writing to say that my son Liam was born 6 months ago and he is a beautiful healthy little boy. Without your vitamin supplement advice I know we would not have him. I think your work and your programs you offer to women struggling to get pregnant are of great value and a much needed service." Bridget, Ireland Read More How to get pregnant