Pregnancy Zika Virus Facts 6 Part Miniseries


Water Birth And Mosquito
Pregnancy Zika Virus Facts Part 1


Favorite spots for the Zika infested mosquito to lay her eggs would in your children’s sand toys or bits of toys thrown around the yard, dog bowls standing around with lots of water in them, any can, cup or container that holds stagnant water.


Symptoms And Pregnancy Choices
Pregnancy Zika Facts Part 4


One out of every five people with Zika will have symptoms. These symptoms can last for 2-7 days but may take a week to show up. The Zika virus has 4 major symptoms. Now you do not have to have all of these four symptoms to have Zika. The four major Zika symptoms are Fever, rash, joint pain and conjunctivitis.


Status Feared As Ebola
Pregnancy Zika Facts Part 2


The CDC (the Center for Disease Control)  here in the America elevated its response efforts to the Zika virus as a Level 1 Activation. This means things are extremely serious, and the CDC has staff working 24/7 round the clock to deal with the situation.


Lifetime FREE Food Voucher
Pregnancy Zika Facts Part 5


Hello Mrs Aedes, congratulations on your emergence from larve to a full grown mosquieto – your 7 day turnaround is keeping humans very busy as getting rid-of-you is ONE TERMINATION no is QUESTIONING.


War On The Brain
Pregnancy Zika Facts Part 3


The Zika virus is NOT like any other infectious disease we have seen in the past. If a pregnant woman becomes infected with the Zika virus a womb war begins.


Repelling The Zika Invader
Pregnancy Zika Facts Part 6


Now, as far as the sexual transmission of the Zika virus goes. Like many situations in the world the transmission of the Zika virus is male dominated. At the time of recording this video the Zika virus has only proven to be passed from the male to the female human species.


Episode one through six midwife Hannah Bajor C.N.M.,M.S.N. delivers authentic information about Zika Virus and pregnancy. She delivers numerous topics related to pregnancy and Zika Virus which included, water, birth and mosquito. Why the male mosquito sucks. The two great boarder-control womb-walls of protection. How the Zika virus has declared war on the fetal brain. Zika symptoms, and aftermath choices women have, if they become infected with the Zika virus during pregnancy, plus how the Aedes species of mosquito is taking on some human characteristics. How they has improved her their living accommodation, and set themselves up for a lifetime free food voucher, WITH a ticket to the biggest feeding banquet in the world. She ends with showing you how REPELLING THE ZIKA VIRUS INVADER can protect you and your family. She shares what we as a HUMAN SPECIES can do to save future generations of our children from the devastating physical, mental and neurological damage caused by the Zika virus.