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Most times your doctor does not have time to answer the multitude of getting pregnant, pregnancy or miscarriage questions patients have.


If you think your doctor is going to have time to sit and discuss your multitude of pregnancy symptom questions, then think again! Your Doctor has to see "X" amount of patients and "lots of labs, questions, concerns" from his or her office staff. It is not their fault! The cost of running a practice, malpractice insurance and reduced patient care reimbursement play a huge factor in how much time your Doctor is allocated to see you. This is why Lumalove® is a great resource to pick up where your Doctor left off to help answer your pregnancy symptom questions...

Pregnancy Information Audio mp3

back pain in pregnancy
Pregnancy symptoms during pregnancy explained.

 Pregnancy Back Pain What Every Pregnant Woman Should Know

Back pain in pregnancy. Normal weight gain in pregnancy is about 35 pounds, but lots of women I have met over my twenty-year midwifery career gained 35 pounds to 70 pounds during pregnancy. The stress of sudden weight gain during the short cycle of pregnancy can cause back pain and pregnancy misery.

Pregnancy Symptom: Back Pain Pregnancy Article Transcript

constipation during pregnancy
Pregnancy symptoms during pregnancy explained.

Pregnancy And Constipation Why Do We Have To Suffer

Constipation During pregnancy can cause bloating, pain and even pre-term labor. Approximately half of all pregnant women experience constipation to some degree from mild to severe. Pregnancy hormone progesterone has a relaxing effect on the intestine and this in itself slows down the movement of the bowel.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Constipation During Pregnancy Article Transcript

early pregnancy symptoms
Pregnancy symptoms during pregnancy explained.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms How Can You Tell The Symptoms You Are Having Are Normal?

Early pregnancy has many symptoms. Listen to the list of pregnancy symptoms discussed in this audio to see what is normal and what is not. Most pregnant women have some symptoms of early pregnancy. Finding out you are pregnant can be a very welcoming or stressful experience depending on your personal circumstances.

Pregnancy Symptom: Early Pregnancy Symptoms Article Transcript

fatigue in pregnancy
Pregnancy symptoms during pregnancy explained.

Fatigue During Pregnancy Read What The Experts Are Saying

Fatigue during pregnancy is normal because we as women are care-givers by nature. During pregnancy mothers-to-be unconditionally and continuously give all their reserve nutrients to their offspring in an attempt to grow a healthy baby. Understand why some women get more fatigued during pregnancy than others.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Fatigue During Pregnancy Article Transcript

Headaches in pregnancy
Pregnancy symptoms during pregnancy explained.

Pregnancy Headaches Knowing What To Do About Before It's Too Late

Headaches in pregnancy explained. Within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy the surging hormones play a part in the development of pregnancy headaches. The 40% increase in blood volume that occurs during pregnancy can cause headaches. Headaches during pregnancy are very challenging as over the counter pain killers are not recommended.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Pregnancy Headaches Article Transcript

healthy pregnancy
Pregnancy symptoms during pregnancy explained.

Healthy Pregnancy 4 Most Popular Tips

Healthy pregnancies starts with stop worrying and complaining during your pregnancy because it feeds your baby negative thoughts resulting in an emotionally scarred baby. The honest truth is that no one, not you, me or your health care provider can guarantee a healthy baby. Here are 4 of the most popular tips on how to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Worrying About Having A Healthy Pregnancy Article Transcript

heartburn in pregnancy
Pregnancy symptoms during pregnancy explained.

Pregnancy Heartburn Remedies That Help Relieve Pregnancy Misery

Heartburn during pregnancy is caused by gastric acid irritating the lining of the esophagus or food type causing a burning sensation in the center of the chest. Heartburn relief is a common concern many pregnant women have. Learn the many causes for pregnancy heartburn and what you can do to relieve your symptoms.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Pregnancy Heartburn Article Transcript

hemorrhoids in pregnancy
Pregnancy symptoms during pregnancy explained.

Pregnancy Hemorrhoids Are Embarrassing And Painful I know Firsthand

Hemorrhoids are swollen varicose veins on or around the anus. The veins within the anal canal become swollen because of weakened vein walls allowing blood to pool. As a certified nurse midwife I have treated many cases of pregnancy hemorrhoids, but it was not until I personally experienced one myself that I understood how painful these little monsters can be.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Pregnancy Hemorrhoids Article Transcript

implantation bleeding
Pregnancy symptoms during pregnancy explained.

The Truth About Implantation Bleeding Explained In Pure English

Implantation bleeding is classified as a threatened miscarriage because at this point we do not know the cause or the outcome of the bleeding. Learn what is implantation bleeding and how you can determine if your bleeding is because of implantation of your baby or from something else. Learn all you need to know about implantation bleeding in this audio.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Implantation Bleeding Article Transcript

morning sickness
Pregnancy symptoms during pregnancy explained.

Morning Sickness Cures And Remedies You Should Know About

Morning sickness affects about 50% of pregnant women. Up until I experienced my own pregnancies, I was always taught and believed that morning sickness was either hormonal or psychological in nature. I now know differently. Listen to tips on morning sickness cures and remedies for making pregnancy a little easier for you and your baby.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Morning Sickness Article Transcript

pregnancy after miscarriage
Pregnancy symptoms during pregnancy explained.

Pregnancy After A Miscarriage Discovered The Secret To Having Of A Good Pregnancy

Pregnancy after miscarriage is a common concern for many women that had a miscarriage as many times we fear will this happen again. A general rule is about 20 -25% of all pregnancies end in a miscarriage. No two pregnancies are alike. Each pregnancy is a unique experience for a woman and the incoming child so we cannot compare one pregnancy to another.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Pregnancy After A Miscarriage Article Transcript


Postpartum Information Audio mp3

postpartum survival
Pregnancy symptoms during pregnancy explained.

Postpartum Stress Survival Tips For New Moms After Having A Baby

Postpartum is part of pregnancy and many times we all think pregnancy stops when you deliver your baby. The postpartum period is the 6 to 8 weeks after having a baby. For a new mom these weeks can be a very stressful, challenging and confusing times. Learn postpartum stress survival tips so your postpartum is easier and more enjoyable for you and your new baby.

Postpartum: Postpartum Survival Article Transcript

Miscarriages Information Audio mp3

molar pregnancy
Pregnancy symptoms during pregnancy explained.

Molar Pregnancy Miscarriage Mystery Explained In A Nutshell

Molar pregnancy is a serious issue that one in every 1-2 thousand pregnant women will face. Be informed to reduce your risk of developing uterine cancer as a result of your molar pregnancy or partial molar pregnancy.

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Molar Pregnancy Article Transcript