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INCREASING your CELL VIBRATION AND ENERGY to get pregnant and have a fulfilled pregnancy outcome. REASON to experience the multidimensionality and of pregnancy!

Multidimentiolaty of pregnancy

Pregnancy is more than a physical process of trying to conceive, conception, pregnancy and birth. It is a Divine process where your baby has choses YOU out of the million of potential mothers in this world to be his or her BEST MOTHER. He or she picked YOU because you are encoded with the life lessons to allow for maximum soul evolutionary growth process. The more you can tap into your Fertility Goddess within the allows you to tap into the deeper multidimensionality of pregnancy.

The truth about what you are about to go through when pregnant or you’re trying to conceive process could shock you. Dive into the heart and soul of Midwife Hannah Bajor as she shares the wisdom of her 30 years’ experience as a midwife, over 50,000 office hours, over 25,000 patients and about 2,000 deliveries.

It’s no secret that trying to conceive and having your pregnancy questions answered by your OBGYN provider can be challenging. As a midwife the way I look at it is, none of us could live without Google. The world web has great information but when it comes to your pregnancy questions, you’re trying to conceive questions or miscarriage recovery questions there is nothing like a real human Obstetrical and Gynecology healthcare professionals advice.

trying to conceive

Trying to conceive educational information and video programs to show you how to increase your fertility so you can get pregnant fast, despite how long you have been trying, despite what the Doctors have told YOU!

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Lay the foundational blueprint for a happier healthier pregnancy and birth by learning how to energetically communicate with the thoughts and feelings of your unborn child from within the womb!

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Chakra energy

Understanding chakra  energy dynamics of trying to conceive and pregnancy is critical because a balanced 7 chakra system creates a more fulfilled pregnancy outcome for you and your little one!

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