Baby Contract Activation 24 Hour Long Distant Shamanic Ceremony

 You Need A Baby Contracted In Order To Get Pregnant Or Make IVF Work  


 Are you sick and tired of failing to get pregnancy or had failed IUI's or IVF. Then seriously consider a shamanic baby contract activation session. This baby contract activation ceremony is not the same as phone session. From a non physical side all baby contracts have to be negotiated for or by you.


 This type of session is in fact a shamanic ceremony. Like all traditional shamanic ceremonies it can take several hours to prepare items and prepare the sacred space needed for a ceremony. I set aside 24 hours to do it and to be honest I never know how long it is going to take me.


 From an energy medicine viewpoint one of the most common reasons for unexplained infertility or failed IVF is the lack of a baby contract. As a "Soul Weaver" and "Midwife" I have the ability to activate a dormant baby contract or negotiate a baby contract for couples.

getting pregnant  In the cases where there is no physiological reason for infertility the lack of fertility is usually a lack of baby contact or karmic patterns of infertility. For many of these women they did not consider a baby in this lifetime when they negotiated their contract for life. Many of these women knew prior their own conception that physical existence as they would experience it would be a critical time for humanity to change that which is not working for the world.

 Bany contract getting pregnantIt would be a time of a new cycle bringing in new humans. They were aware of the grand plan and they were aware of challenges involved in raising such a child in such a time of change. Many of them did not believe that it would be compatible with their life purpose and this is the greatest reason for the infertility experience.

Karma infertility  For those who have mechanical or physiological issues often those are the consequences of their life choices and decisions and many times the results of infections. There are others who have brought in the karmic patterns of infertility, and they are working on those patterns for the good of all mankind eliminating them, releasing that kind of pain from the mass consciousness.

 The reality is that the human world, human life, is guaranteed to have a balance of the opposites. There are two opposites that are guaranteed to be experienced by every individual in life. One is joy the other is pain. A great deal of joy balances a very little bit of pain and in every life there will be some sort of pain, some sort of struggle, some sort of loss, some sort of fear, some sort of failure. A pain comes through from those experiences, thereby balancing the success, the joy, the abundance and all the other good things so it is in a world of opposition for without opposition. Without pain joy could not be defined or understood or experienced. Many times the pain of not been able to get pregnant is such a deep personal pain that it makes us more powerful mothers... from my book Birth, A Conscious Choice!

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