Turbocharge Your 7 Chakra System

7 Chakra System Meditations

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 Based on decades of research in order to self heal you need to master the energy around your body called the chakra system. Disturbed Energy Field Is An Official Nursing Diagnosis! North American Nursing Diagnosis Association in 1994, adapted the nursing diagnosis "Disturbed Energy Field". The definition of the diagnosis is: "A disruption of the flow of energy surrounding a person's being which results in a disharmony of the body, mind and or spirit".

Your human aura extends many feet around your physical body. A healthy person has an elliptical or egg shaped aura. The aura vary from one individual to another. Within each of us is the power to expand our consciousness and telepathically communicate with others. Every time this happens to you are using your natural psychic sense without even knowing it and this psychic sense can be harnessed for self healing to occur! This seven chakra system meditation collection helps you balance your energy so you can harness more life force energy and allow life to flow with and not against you.