1st Chakra Root Chakra Meditation

1st Chakra Healing Meditation

The 1st Chakra also known as the "Root Chakra" governs your state of physical energy, your lower back, your intestines and your financial affairs.




 When was the last time you took a break from the world and stop people draining your energy? You can right now with this 1st chakra, root chakra meditation CD. My 1st chakra CD is an exceptionally powerful, deeply relaxing Root Chakra balancing, chakra meditation and aura color strengthening energy healing downloadable CD. This CD helps balance your 1st chakra and improves your aura color which is something we all need to be conscious of on a daily basis. As our society elevates its consciousness guess what we are all becoming much more sensitive to the aura and energy of those around us. To get pregnant you must have a clear energy chakra system.

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