To Be or Not To Be Circumcised

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What is your opinion on male newborn circumcision? Have any stories to tell, questions to ask Hannah or thoughts to share? Don’t be afraid to comment below! (You can stay anonymous.)

In the September issue of Lumalove’s Health and Wellness newsletter, I give my readers my opinion on circumcision in the “To Be or Not To Be Circumcised” article.
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To sum up my viewpoint here are three briefs from the article:

Personally I think male newborn circumcision is a disturbing act of violence because it amputates the skin covering the top of a newborn baby’s penis. Many times it is done without giving this helpless baby any pain relief.

When I worked a newborn nursery I had no choice but to listen to the screams of these little ones when their foreskin was amputated. The procedure is horrific to watch because the babies are placed on their backs onto a board with their legs and arms strapped down. Their genital areas are scrubbed and covered with antiseptic. The foreskin is torn away from his glands and split lengthwise so that the circumcision instrument can be inserted. Then the foreskin is cut off; the whole process completed without any pain relief.

Those of us who work with newborn males and grown men who were circumcised sometimes see the following medical conditions that were caused by male newborn circumcisions:

Excessive scarring

Skin tags

Tearing and bleeding of the scar

Curvature of the penis

Tight painful erections

Difficulty ejaculating


Feeling of having been violated

Feelings of having been mutilated

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