Vaginal Lubrication Kill Sperm


There are a lot of things I have discovered that if you do them you will actually encourage your body to get pregnant. But most couples including myself and John actually sabotage our own chances to get pregnant each and every month through the lifestyle choices we make.

In this video I want to give you the biggest and simplest tip I have it is something most couples do every time they have sex that stop them getting pregnant. That tip is STOP USING LUBRICANT PRODUCTS! Girls! I can’t stress this enough. Men, get over it and this is why. It is a common misconception that if a lubricant that does not contain a spermicidal, it will not impair sperm function.


Several dryness-relief products claim that they do NOT harm sperm in spite of published data to the contrary. Therefore confusion exists among physicians and lay people regarding the safety and use of vaginal lubricants when couples are trying to conceive. Over the past three decades a number of studies have reported ALL vaginal lubricants such as. K-Y Jelly, Astroglide and Replens have serious damaging effects on sperm. Loss of sperm function has also be reported after exposure to non commercial products such as saliva, Vaseline, olive oil and vegetable oil.


Here is the proof. There was one major study done on the effect of vaginal lubricants on sperm motility and sperm chromatin integrity. Meaning did vaginal lubricating products affect the sperms ability to swim and did it destroy sperms DNA. The top THREE vaginal lubricants couples used. Were tested. And these are Pre~ Seed, K-Y Jelly and FemGlide.


The result of these studies are astonishing. Within 30 minutes of using these products there was a dramatic decrease in sperm motility which rendered many sperm lifeless and unable to get from port of entry to the city of impregnation the Fallopian tube. The less sperm that reaches the egg the less of a chance you have of getting pregnant. The study also proves a significant increase in damage to the sperm chromatin which means the DNA of sperm was significantly damaged.


Sperm are also sensitive to both high and low osmolality. Meaning the water and chemical content ratio. Vaginal lubricants have a high osmolity. Causing sperm cells to either shrink OR swell too much and destroys them. So the bottom line is AVOID all vaginal lubricants! With the findings in this study, it is my professional opinion that when we are planning to get pregnant, you should do whatever possible to PRESERVE the DNA within your partners sperm THAT WILL be used to create your baby.


The DNA within your partners sperm is the genetic blue print of your baby. So why expose it to anything outside the natural fluids of the body. Damaged DNA, causes damaged pregnancies and sets you up for a miscarriage Or worst still a damaged baby. So sorry lads. If the vagina did not produce it. Then it cannot be used. You just have to discover new ways to stimulate YOUR woman, as the wetter she is, the better it is for you.

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