FREE Your Birth, Your Choice, Your Reality


FREE Your Birth, Your Choice, Your Reality

Let me know if my son’s message got you thinking about your mission, your purpose, your task or job you are here to do as a human being…

If you have not read this amazing message dictated to me by my son Kyle when he was seven-week’s old then click here to download FREE eBook . Basically, his message summarizes this book. I stand in awe at the level of consciousness of newborn babies. My son’s message is grammatically unedited, and this is exactly how the message to humanity was given to me.

At seven-week’s post partum, I was awakened from a sound sleep at four in the morning. I heard a voice saying, ”Ma wake up, take a pen and paper, and write down this message.” This was a very strange occurrence and for a moment I thought, perhaps I flipped and was going crazy! I kept hearing the same sentence over and over again.

I could see a band of energy extend from my body out through the hallway and into my son’s room. It was clear to me that I was not going to get any sleep until I followed his instructions.  The following is what my son Kyle had to say to humanity.

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I would love to know if you think babies have a higher consciousness and awareness?


  1. Hannah,

    Glad I found your site. I’m following your instagram page and trying to stay positive. I’m 40 years old and trying for the past 5 months to have a child.

    Here’s where I’m at.
    I had a myomectomy done 10 years ago. Last year September it was a UFE and a few months prior a hysteroscopy. The hysteroscopy was done because during my period I had a heavy flow. I’m also anemic.

    Next month I have an appointment to see a fertility specialist to get an idea of what my options are. I also plan on checking my tubes to make sure they’re not blocked.

    I’ve been eating lots of green vegetables and taking my vitamins.

    My gyn stated that I will be high risk because of my age and the procedures mentioned above. She’s suggesting a surrogate as she does not think an ivf will be recommended.

    Trying to stay positive.

    • Thank you for following me on my instagram 12YearsTrying. You have only been trying for 5 months so please believe in yourself and your ability. I have seen patient have successful pregnancies post myomectomy.

      Due to your age I am very happy you are seeing an infertility specialist. Time is ticking but not too late. I had my first at 41 years of age and my second at 43. I had only one fallopian tube and was told I was in premature menopause. Taking fertility vitamins as described in my Lumalove Getting Pregnant Formula turned my 12 years hopelessness into a successful pregnancy.
      Be very positive no matter what you are told.

  2. This is very………………….much useful………. TQ…. so much

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