Lubricant: What you Need to Know


Lubricant: What you Need to Know

Lubricants are great for sexually active people of any age. For instance, the vaginal dryness that is a common side effect of menopause can be made increasingly better with the use of a lubricant. Other causes of vaginal dryness include smoking and certain medications. However, you do not need to suffer from vaginal dryness to use lube! Lubricant can make sexual experiences more pleasurable  and fun.  Here’s what you need to know:

Silicone-based lubes are popular because they stay wet for a long time. However, people who use sex toys made out of silicone should NOT use silicone-based lubes because over time the lube will react with the surface of the toy making it sticky. Silicone lube is good for anal sex because the anal tissue is more fragile and therefore needs a lubricant that will not dry up quickly. Silicone-based lube CAN be used with a latex condom. It is also great for sex in the bath or shower.

Many people like to use water-based lubes because they wash away easily (because they are water-soluble) however, they do not stay wet as long as silicone-based lubricants, and they are ineffective in the bath or shower.  Water-based lubricant CAN be used with a latex condom. Fun fact- water based lube can be revived by adding a little bit of water.

Oil-based lubes should ONLY be used by people who are fluid bonded and not using condoms. Oil-based lubes break down latex condoms therefore making them ineffective. Do NOT use any lubricant that contains spermicide nonoynol-9, it may cause cuts and damage to the genital and/or rectal lining .

In general, stay away from kitchen oil and lotion. Lubricant is made for contact with the genitals so it’s your best bet for added wetness!


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