Analyzing Your Newborn’s Bowel Movements


Analyzing Your Newborn’s Bowel Movements

It is important to understand your newborn baby’s bowel movements so you can make sure they are healthy. Here are the basics:

Sticky, black or dark green, spotty – A baby’s first few stools. This is known as meconium.

Greenish yellow or brown, grain-like – start to appear on your baby’s third or fourth day of life.

Curdy, creamy, light yellow or green – Normal stool if the baby is breastfed

Slightly formed, brown, yellow, or dark green – normal stools if the baby is formula fed

Greener than usual, watery, frequent – diarrhea (call the doctor)

Red streaked – could be a milk allergy or a rectal fissure

Mucous like, green, yellow – A virus, cold, or stomach bug (call the doctor)

What is my baby is constipated? Add about 1 teaspoon of prune juice to your beast milk or formula. Only do this if baby is at least 4 weeks old.

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