Menses 28 Days No More!


Menses 28 Days No More!

The guidelines for a “normal” menstrual cycle have changed. The standard is no longer 28 days! In fact,  the”normal” menstrual cycle range is now 24-38 days. With a frequent cycle being every 24 days or less and an infrequent cycle being 38 days or more.

What does this mean for TTC? Well, how many of you use a Period Tracker app of some sort to see when you are fertile? These apps are unreliable because they are based on the 28 day menstrual cycle. What is the best way to conceive a baby?! Taking your basal body temperature to track your body’s unique pattern of ovulation. If your period is every 38 days, that’s ok! It doesn’t make you “less fertile” necessarily. It only means that there is more time in between ovulations. Need a refresher about how to track your BBT?

1)      Take your temperature every day at the same time, before you get out of bed and before you eat or drink

2)      Use a digital thermometer that will memorize your temperature. That way you can go back to sleep and record on your chart when you’re fully awake.

3)      Chart your temperature beginning on the first day of your period

4)      Remember, your temperature will be lower in the first half of your menstrual cycle. It will drop considerably for one day when you ovulate. If your temperature remains elevated for more than 14 days after ovulation, you could be pregnant.

5)      The purpose of BBT tracking is to become aware of your body’s unique ovulation pattern. You should track for several months to see when you are most fertile. It is best to have sex the day before ovulation (the day before your temperature drops), the day of ovulation, and one day after for good measure. Having sex on these three days will increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

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