Menopause: a Normal Part of Aging, but an Emotional Challenge


Menopause: a Normal Part of Aging, but an Emotional Challenge

Let’s first start with a common misconception: who is technically in menopause?

The date a woman reaches menopause is the day when she has not had any menses for ONE YEAR. For example, if a woman goes 10 months with no period and then has a period, she is not considered menopausal, she is perimenopausal. 

The end of menstruation signals the end of child-bearing years and this can be emotionally difficult for many women.

Fun fact: there is NO association between the age of menarche (a woman’s first period) and menopause. However, early menopause IS related to: active alcohol and tobacco use.

Fun fact #2: a 20 week female fetus has 6-7 million oocytes (a cell from which an egg develops), at birth she has 1.5-2 million oocytes, at puberty she has 3-500,000 oocytes, and at menopause she has less than 1,000 oocytes. * 700-1,000 oocytes are used at one menstrual cycle.

Most common Perimenopausal symptoms:

-hot flashes

-night sweats

-sleep and mood disturbances

-metabolic changes


-vaginal dryness

-painful sex

-frequent urination

Talk to your provider about hormone therapy and other methods for alleviating perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms.

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