Mindfulness: Mindful Eating During Pregnancy


Mindfulness: Mindful Eating During Pregnancy

Mindfulness is essential during pregnancy. What is mindfulness? I define mindfulness as the state of being intently aware. Aware that every action has repercussions, good or bad. Mindfulness comes in many forms and themes. A great way to begin practicing mindfulness is with food. Food and nutrition are especially important during pregnancy because you are nourishing your baby. You baby is not in control of what they consume: you are.  A Mother’s nutrition and health during pregnancy has affects the baby for the rest of their life.

To begin practicing mindfulness with food, picture your baby enjoying the same food you are every time you eat. Picture your hungry baby becoming nourished with all the delicious fruits and vegetables that you are consuming. Imaging your baby chewing with you bite after bite….slowly…savoring every flavor and nutrient. Be present when you eat. Present and thankful for the food you are giving to yourself and your baby. Remember to eat healthy but do not restrict yourself. It is okay to treat yourself and your baby to comfort foods sometimes. Moderation is key. Being aware of everything you put in your body and how that food helps your baby to grow is a beautiful first step to mindful eating during pregnancy.

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