Mucus and Fertility – Understanding Mucus


Mucus and Fertility – Understanding Mucus

To be honest, out of all the 5 methods of ovulation monitoring I personally think cervical mucus is the most challenge and unpredictable one to monitor. The reason is if you are sexually active on these days then it is hard to tell what is cervical or sperm fluid.

However, I will tell you how to tell if your mucus indicates fertility: Fertile mucus could feel like…

1.) A wet feeling in your underwear, slippery

2.) Sticky, pasty, smooth, creamy

3.) Like hand lotion or mayonaise

4.) Sometimes stretchy

5.) Clear, sometimes like an egg white

Collect mucus by wiping downward once across your vagina with your clean, dry finger. Record your findings in a journal or on your BBT calendar so you can track your fertility.

Your DRY or infertile cervical mucus will be dense, stiff, or crumbly.

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