What’s an Apgar Score?


The Apgar Score is the first test given to newborns immediately after delivery. It is typically given one minute after birth and 5 minutes after birth. What does Apgar stand for? Appearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity, and Respiration.

Appearance = skin color: blue-grey or pale = 0 points. Normal except bluish hands and feet = 1 point. Normal all over = 2 points.

Pulse = heart rate: absent = 0. Below 100/minute = 1. Above 100/minute = 2.

Grimace = Reflex irritability: no response = 0 points. Grimace = 1 point. Sneeze, cough, pulls away = 2 points.

Activity= Muscle tone: limp = 0 points. Arms and legs flexed = 1 point. Active movement = 2 points.

Respiration = breathing rate/effort: absent= 1. Slow + irregular = 1 point. Good, crying = 2 points.

10 is a perfect Apgar score.

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