What Every Woman Should Know


What Every Woman Should Know

Reproductive Health Vocabulary!

Name: womb/uterus

What is it? It is where the fetus grows and where menstrual blood is developed.

Name: Fundus

What is it? The top of the uterus

Name: Fallopian tubes

What are they? The tubes that connect your ovaries and your uterus.

Name: Ovaries

What do they do? Where the eggs are stored and the site of hormone production

Name: Outer lips/labia majora:

What does it do? Protects the inner lips

Name: Inner lips/labia minora

What does it do? Swells during sexual intercourse and foreplay

Name: Vulva

What is it? The opening of the vagina

Name: Vagina

What is it? The muscular canal/pathway that connects the uterus to the vulva

Name: Cervix

What is it? The neck of the uterus. The part of the body that connects the uterus to the vagina. Dilates during childbirth to allow the baby to pass through the uterus and out the vagina

Name: Hymen

What is it? The thin membrane covering part of the vaginal opening. It can break during physical activity, or during sexual intercourse with penetration.

So much more for a later post!

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