How To Get Pregnant

In Most Cases It Is Possable To Cure Infertility Despite How Long You have Online educational video program to show you how to increase your fertility so you can get pregnant fast, despite how long you have been trying, despite what the Doctors have told YOU!

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Have An Easier More Fufilled Pregnancy - Birth!Your Birth, Your Choice, Your Reality is a profound telepathic message my oldest son Kyle transmitted through me when he was seven-week's old. As a Certified Nurse Midwife I stand in awe at the level of consciousness of a newborn baby!

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Lumalove® providing the inside scoop on pregnancy!

Midwife Hannah Bajor is The How To Get Pregnant - Getting Pregnant - Infertility - Pregnancy - Miscarriage - Chakra Energy Expert

Delivering authentic, professional reproductive health information and support, showing YOU how to get pregnant, cure infertility, recover quicker from a pregnancy miscarriage and have a more fulfilled pregnancy and birth!


Hannah offers 1-on-1 Private Phone/ Web Consultations. Hannah is a recognized women’s health provider for 30+ years. She’s delivered over 2,000 babies and cared for over 10,000 women before, during and after pregnancy. She is an energy medicine practitioner for 20 years. Get clear, useful answers to your most pressing life and health questions from Hannah.

Infertility - Getting Pregnant Pregnancy - Miscarriage Private Consultations!I deliver many of the most popular and complete women's health products, programs and services. I make the getting pregnant, pregnancy and birth process easier for couple all over the world. Why? Because I show you how to get pregnant fast, preserve and boost fertility, defeat infertility or recover quicker from a pregnancy miscarriage. The bottom line is I help you have a more fulfilled pregnancy experience for you and your little one.

Chakra Energy Dynamics of Getting Pregnant

Chakra Energy Matters You Are A Human Energy Machine!

 When you MASTER your chakra energy, you MASTER your life force energy system and in turn your reproductive cycle to produce “Grade A” Eggs and Sperm! Why? because you will now have the ability to synchronize your reproductive hormones and reproduction “machinery” making it so much easier to get pregnant!

You Can Boost IVF Infertility Success Rates!Times have changed! Babies coming into this world are of a higher consciousness and we as human beings, parents and parents-to-be need to learn about the energy dynamics of conception, pregnancy and birth so we can increase our chances of having a more fulfilled purposeful life as a human being, and ensure that pregnancy, birth and parenting is more emotionally fulfilling for moms, dads and babies.


Why is ENERGY A MAJOR KEYs to solving your getting pregnant problems?

Despite the fact that there is an abundance of help available for couples struggling with infertility, millions of women are still not getting pregnant even though they are undergoing all sorts of infertility treatments and taking all sorts of fertility products. Outside of traditional medicine there is a whole area to be uncovered as to why women have a difficult time conceiving and carrying a pregnancy to a viable gestational age. This is called the energetic dynamics of getting pregnant and infertility. Many times  pregnancy miscarriage is due to la ack of life force energy that is needed to sustain pregnancy.

Yet Another Success!

 And she did it with the help of Energy Chakra Balancing!



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Lumalove's 7 Chakra Meditation System®
I tried for ten years to have children and had really given up all hope and had started the adoption process which in the UK is a four-year process. At the age of 30. I was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer which I believe definitely affected my chances of getting pregnant. We had spent over €30,000 on IVF fertility treatment and had absolutely no success at all. Then I met and worked energetically with Hannah. She scanned my energy field and told me I had a contract to be a mother and helped me remove my unconscious getting pregnant blocks. Her Lumalove Getting Pregnant Formula® is very intensive, informative and jammed packed with information. Hannah is a very special lady and I believe she is one of the major reasons why I now have my two perfect children. Siobhan, Ireland


Listen to Glaby's Infertility Nightmare and her Lumalove Success Story!


I'm almost a month into your program and I feel great. The sex is a lot more interesting. I've noticed several changes in my menstrual cycle that I hope indicate positive changes in my body. First, this is a 28 day cycle for me. I'm usually 25 - 26 days between periods. Secondly, is that the menstrual blood is bright red, no tissue clots and easy flow. I usually have dark red to brown colored menstrual blood. I had minimal cramping and no breast pain, normally I suffer a lot! I stopped getting the dreaded monthly chin hair, too!" Verna, USA   Read More...

What Does Holistic Mean?

  There is a misperception of what the word holistic means in the mind of the general population. Most people when asked about holistic they immediate think of alternative treatment to an ailment or disease. This is in fact not true.

You Can Boost IVF Infertility Success Rates! Holistic relates to treating the complete bodily systems rather than one aspect of the body. Many practitioners call themselves holistic practitioners when in fact they are NOT because they refuse to incorporate or see the immense value of traditional medicine, its advancement and its miracles!

These practitioners are called Alternative Medical or Energy Practitioners! In a world of specialization, we have been trained to think of medicine as a separate world - when we are sick, we go to doctors and follow their advice. This is starting to change, with the increasing popularity of alternative and holistic approaches to overall health and well-being. If you are having problems with getting pregnant, miscarriage or pregnancy then look outside the box of traditional medicine and see how holistic health can help you. Read More About My Formula...

What vitamins to take to get pregnant.
DID YOU KNOW that if BOTH men and women take pre conception vitamins, they give their unborn child a head start to be smarter, do better in life and have a higher IQ PLUS increases their consciousness? Learn how to get pregnant and get the actual recipe of vitamins and minerals (dosages, frequencies) I the midwife Hannah Bajor, C.N.M.,M.S.N. took to help get myself pregnant at the age of 41 and again at the age of 43!

Did you KNOW when you are trying to conceive TOTALLY naturally, this  may NOT be the right option for you?

Taking a totally natural stance to get pregnant works for many couples as we all know natural is best! However for some couples where there is a physical block within the tube or there is a severe sperm  issue, couples can have sex until they are blue in the face and pregnancy will not happen. 

Why is Holistic Treatment The Quickest and Best Way to get pregnant, prevent miscarriage, defeat female and male infertility and have a healthy, easier pregnancy?

For women who are struggling to get pregnant it is going to cost you no matter what modality you choose to help you achieve a pregnancy. Improving your reproductive health educational knowledge base give you the advantage of achieving a pregnancy sooner. If you are determined enough and willing to change that which is not working for you it is possable to experience that one ultimate fulfilled moment like I experienced 3 times in my life, and that was to see my pregnancy test turn positive.   Read More...

Another Success Story!


Lumalove's Message

Lumalove takes a whole body approach to help couples get pregnant fast. No two pregnancies are alike, but all pregnancies can be made easier for you and your baby if you have the right knowledge. Everything you think, do and say during you pregnancy is also co-experienced by your little one and this is why it is critical that you learn how to remove any negative experiences from your baby's memory bank so he or she will have a clearer karma. Learn many ways to balance pregnancy energies, relieving pregnancy symptoms and create a more confident easier to manage baby.

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Stop Wasting Time

You Can Boost IVF Infertility Success Rates!If you're STILL trying to conceive after at least one year of trying by yourself to get pregnant then GUESS WHAT you have infertility! Curing infertility can be as simple as knowing your unique fertility cycle so you have sex at the right time OR taking the right combination of vitamins and minerals that puts your body in the right state to conceive and grow a healthy baby. Infertility is a serious medical condition and as such you owe it to yourself to consult with a medical person that is trained to help you get pregnant.

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